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Chicago’s Windy City Live hosts Ryan and Val

Lose Weight With Ryan & Val On The VitaLife Program

Yes! I’m ready to get healthy with a VitaLife Consultation, release those stubborn pounds, and support my friends, ABC7 Chicago’s Windy City Live hosts, Ryan and Val!
I understand I'm getting a $300 value for only $27 by taking action and claiming my VitaLife Session right now.

Weight Loss New Lenox IL Trusted Service

Here’s exactly what I’m getting:

  • Read of Current Health Baseline
  • List of Hormone Imbalance Areas
  • Organ Function Weakness Assessment
  • A Health Plan Tailored to your BIOLOGY
  • Steps For A True Metabolic Reset
  • Find The Root Cause Of Your Weight Gain and Give You A Plan To Fight It
Lose Weight with Ryan and Val VitaLife Program Schaumburg IL
Ryan Chiaverini

"I've never signed up for a 'weight Loss' program but we all want to shed a few pounds after the holidays. The results we have seen on Windy City LIVE make VitaLife a great choice for 2020!"

Val Warner

"I have been yo-yoing with my weight for years and lately have plateaued. I feel VitaLife will be the program that will jumpstart my healthy, fit lifestyle."

Weight Loss New Lenox IL Testimonial

"I've been overweight my whole life. The breaking point for me was when I couldn't stand 8 hours a day at work and I was just in constant pain. After VitaLife I can now say that's not the case anymore. I don't have the pain, I can be myself instead of being my aliments. I can live with vitality."

Weight Loss New Lenox IL Testimonial

"I used to always think about food. When was my next meal and snack and what was I in the mood for? It took up all my time that I couldn't think of anything else. I finally gained structure and control with Vitalife to live a life outside of food and inside experiences."

Weight Loss New Lenox IL Testimonial

"I had a terrible accident when I worked construction and crushed my hand. I couldn't work, I grew unhealthy, had heart problems and issues and everyone gave me a pill and told me to get used to this way of life, until VitaLife. They told me there is a way to get better and they were right."

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