Is Your Weight Loss Program Individual?


There is no shortage of weight loss programs in the Chicago area today. Many of them aim to help you get closer to an image of health and fitness that is portrayed in the media. Unfortunately, this image rarely leads you down a path to real health. Every person is unique, and nobody should be forced into someone else’s view of health. Our advanced technology allows us to customize a weight loss plan specifically to an individual’s needs in order to permanently address the underlying issues that have resulted in weight gain.

Individual Weight Loss Programs in the Chicago area

Many of the top weight loss programs being promoted these days focus on limiting calorie intake while increasing activity levels. Options include counting calories, following strict meal plans or eating pre-packaged food from a box. Mix in some high intensity to burn calories quickly and suddenly you are burning more calories than you are taking in. Does this approach work? It sure does. But when you restrict calories, your body begins to burn fat and even muscle until it adjusts and slows down your metabolism. As soon as you stray from the meal plan or reduce the amount of exercise you are doing the weight quickly reappears because your metabolism remains in slowed state. It becomes a never ending battle against yourself.

Losing Weight Your Way

The long-term answer to losing weight is all about getting your hormones in balance, making sure that your neurotransmitters are functioning properly, ridding the body of harmful toxins and creating a balance with high quality vitamins and minerals. This approach will safely and effectively move your body into a prime fat burning zone. By addressing the root cause of your weight gain we can help guide you to your target weight and, once there, properly reset and balance your metabolism. This is the key to keeping the weight off permanently.

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