ABOUT VitaLife


Weight Loss New Lenox IL Davis Jaspers

Davis Jaspers is the founder of VitaLife, a weight loss company that has helped countless people lose 40lbs of fat in 40 days. Having struggled with his weight from a young age, he decided to change his way of eating and approach to life, ultimately losing 50 pounds and gaining a life of vitality.

Now, his program is licensed to 30 different locations around the country. Before even graduating college Davis caught the entrepreneurial bug and has since started 6 different companies in 4 different fields. VitaLife is his pride and joy, being picked up on ABC7 Chicago's "Windy City Live" Davis has co-hosted several health segments over the past 2 years. He also hosts a local radio show, "Life with Vitality", every Tuesday morning on 1340 WJOL. Davis contributes his success to his passion for helping others transform their lives.