Weight Gain: Is It Hormonal?

Weight Gain

Many people wish they could lose weight in the Chicago area more effectively. If you are carrying excess fat around your abdomen, hips or thighs it could be a sign that you are suffering from a hormone imbalance. Exercising and dieting alone cannot correct the problem on a long term basis unless your normal hormone balance is restored. These imbalances often lead to food cravings, slowed metabolism and storage of excess fat.


Your weight gain may be caused by something know as Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals or EDCs. There are almost 800 substances that fall into this category, now know as Obesogens. These Obesogens can alter your hormonal balance which in turn disrupt your metabolism, bone development and even your immune system resulting in excess weight gain. As of 2016, the CDC estimated that over 93 million adults in the US were obese. It’s even more troubling to think that obesity will potentially impact nearly 60% of today’s children at some point in their lives.

A Wealth of Influences

Research has shown that your genetics, behaviors and environment all play a role in obesity but controlling all of this is done within the endocrine system. A disruption in this system by an Obesogen can increase production of fat cells, impact insulin sensitivity, increase appetite, slow metabolism and even rewire the reward center of your brain. Unfortunately, none of this can be corrected by diet and exercise alone.

Your body is taking in these Obesogens from air pollution, BPAs, pesticides, lead, nicotine and many other sources. Everyday products also contribute to the build up of these chemicals in your body. It’s impossible to eliminate exposure to all of these substances. The good news is that by correcting the resulting hormone imbalance your body can rid itself of these chemicals naturally. By clearing out the harmful toxins your body can rid itself of excess fat cells and restore normal balance to your hormones.

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