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Metabolic Reset With VitaLife

And a FREE Body Composition Analysis Bluetooth Scale! (value $40)

Yes! I'm ready to reset my metabolism and speak with a VitaLife Trained Health Coach to discover what’s been standing in my way. I’m committed to releasing those stubborn pounds, and finally get the health results I want.
I understand I'm getting a $140 value for only $27 by taking action and claiming my Body Composition Analysis Bluetooth Scale and VitaLife phone consultation right now.

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How it Works

  • 1 Schedule a phone consultation by filling out the form below and VitaLife will mail me my complimentary bluetooth scale.
  • 2 Once I receive the scale I will be able to measure 13 essential factors pertaining to my weight and health.
  • 3 On my one-on-one call with a VitaLife Trained Coach, they will explain what each factor is, why it is important, and what that means to my overall health and wellness.

Here’s exactly what I’m getting:

  • Initial Conversation with a VitaLife Trained Health Coach
  • A review of my goals and history of weight problems
  • Discovery of my Current Mental and Emotional State
  • Comprehensive Wellness Assessment of 13 key factors using my FREE Bluetooth Scale
  • An Explanation of a Health Plan Tailored to my BIOLOGY
  • Steps For A True Metabolic Reset
  • An understanding on how my metabolism is currently working
  • Knowledge of what the age at which my metabolism is working
Weight Loss New Lenox IL Testimonial

"I've been overweight my whole life. The breaking point for me was when I couldn't stand 8 hours a day at work and I was just in constant pain. After VitaLife I can now say that's not the case anymore. I don't have the pain, I can be myself instead of being my aliments. I can live with vitality."

Weight Loss New Lenox IL Testimonial

"I used to always think about food. When was my next meal and snack and what was I in the mood for? It took up all my time that I couldn't think of anything else. I finally gained structure and control with Vitalife to live a life outside of food and inside experiences."

Weight Loss New Lenox IL Testimonial

"I had a terrible accident when I worked construction and crushed my hand. I couldn't work, I grew unhealthy, had heart problems and issues and everyone gave me a pill and told me to get used to this way of life, until VitaLife. They told me there is a way to get better and they were right."

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